Resgreen Group International, Inc.

Wanda ST

The future of sanitizing and disinfecting

Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Solutions

Meet Wanda ST, RGGI’s Smart Trolley manual disinfecting and sanitizing solution. The health and safety of staff, patients, students and visitors is of utmost importance. Wanda ST can be easily moved into any room or space to quickly disinfect using UVC lights with optional ozone.

Benefits of Wanda ST

  • No staff training time required to use Wanda ST
  • Easily moved from space to space or room to room
  • Sanitize and Disinfect in minutes, perfect for high traffic areas
  • Cost effective allowing customers to obtain a quick ROI


Wanda ST is a cost-effective cleaning alternative. While Wanda ST is less expensive, functionality was not sacrificed. Wanda ST senses movement and automatically turns off in the presence of a human to ensure safety of anyone in the building.

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