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PullBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) uses proven magnetic tape and sophisticated, open-source software and controls to reliably move around plants and distribution facilities. PullBuddy provides superior flexibility over conveyors and other equipment because their paths can be easily changed. The robust AGV moves loads up to 2,750 pounds (1250 kg.).

Modular and Flexible

PullBuddy is a low-profile vehicle and is less than 12” (30.5 cm) in height. An automatic pin pops up to engage and deliver carts to their destinations. The vehicle then lowers the pin to move onto to its next mission. PullBuddy AGV has a limitless number of digital interfaces to accommodate other technologies, including scissor lifts, conveyors and pick-and-go buttons. The modular vehicle can be used in nearly any application from assembly to warehouse delivery.

Wireless and Opportunity Charging

PullBuddy can run 24/7 via an opportunity charging system, which allows the vehicle’s battery to charge several times quickly and conveniently at stations strategically set up along its path. Wireless battery charging is also available, which allows vehicles to power up efficiently without requiring building modifications, such as cutting into floor to install dedicated electrical lines.


PullBuddy AGV

ResGreen's PullBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicle moves loads for a customer in the injection molding industry.
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PullBuddy & BotWay Software

Struggling to find employees? Need to cut costs? Increase productivity? Scale more efficient and accurate operations? Improve the overall safety of your facility? Meet PullBuddy & BotWay! An Upgraded AGV System for Today's Material Handling Needs.
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PullBuddy Slope Testing

See our PullBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicle in action, moving loads up a slope.
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