Robots and Automation Market Analysis

First Step to Developing AMR Ecosystem

AMR’s by design perform real unit work in small amount of time and space. Having Cobot DNA, AMR’s can take small bites of enhancing manufacturing and automation process without having to rattle entire manufacturing system – this is a result of AI, Seasoned Embedded OS/Systems as well as intuitive interface to smart sensors. Pilot small and scale up in steps.

The Market for Self-Guided Vehicles

While self-driving automobiles attract headline attention, many industries have been successfully implementing closed-circuit automated vehicles for several decades. Akin to the internal railroads of sprawling foundries and mining operations; Automatic Guided Vehicles have been chugging about. But unlike expensive rail systems, AGVs have can lock onto: painted lines, laser illuminated paths, and proximity following sensors. The use of AGVs can relieve the load of human materials handlers (tow motor drivers, receivers, crane operators) and work 24×7 and in the harshest of physical environments.

Why Customers Buy

Top Reason for AMR Investment is Flexibility

• Inexpensive Initial installation is accomplished in house as opposed to days and weeks. Commissioning costs are vastly reduced.
• Flexibility to address changing manufacturing needs locally within the plant by plant personnel.
• Repurpose AMR’s to remain nibble manufacturer.
• Extensible architecture makes integration of new and emerging technologies inexpensive.