Engineered Solutions for Implementing AMRs and AGVs

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Autonomous Parking System

AMRs / AGVs are used for driving the parking platform. The AMRs / AGVs lifts the car from its Parking entrance and delivers it to a parking space. The system will retrieve the vehicle from the parking space and send it back to the original position where the driver is waiting.

Autonomous Logistics System

Autonomous transfer of equipment, baggage etc from point-to-point. AMRs / AGVs increase the flexibility of your internal logistics. AMRs / AGVs shorten the lead time. AMRs / AGVs free up employees for more valuable tasks. AMRs / AGVs offer fast ROI. AMRs / AGVs improve the working environment.

Autonomous Manufacturing System

Autonomous manufacturing involves deploying IoT in the complete production line, and in some cases, even along the whole supply chain.