Big and Strong Bidirectional AGV


The bidirectional BigBuddy is one of the most robust AGVs in the industry that uses magnetic tape to move loads up to 5,000 pounds.  It includes dual-drive, brushless motors that have a higher torque than brushed motors, leading to better performance, improved heat dissipation and increased horsepower.

Robust, Compact, Flexible

BigBuddy was built for both demanding industrial environments and crowded warehouses that require high maneuverability. With two independent drive motors, BigBuddy offers zero point turning. It travels up to 1.7 m per second, unloaded on a straight path. BigBuddy is compact in size, measuring 11.75” tall, 28” wide, 59” long (including LiDAR housings).

The low-profile vehicle uses an automatic pin to automatically connect and disconnect from customized load handling frames. BigBuddy AGV can move a variety of carts that include scissor lifts, conveyors or pick-and-go buttons to serve a variety of applications from assembly to warehouse delivery and trash pickup.


Safety First

ResGreen engineers made safety a top priority when designing BigBuddy AGV, which includes two 16-zone LiDAR lasers in the front and back of the vehicle. It uses LiFePO4 batteries that do not overheat or catch fire.

BigBuddy can run 24/7 via an opportunity charging system, which allows the vehicle’s battery to charge quickly and conveniently at a numerous stations. Wireless battery charging is also available, which allows vehicles to power up efficiently without requiring building modifications, such as cutting into floor to install dedicated electrical lines.

Ready to take the next step?

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