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Integration is notoriously difficult in automation systems, but not with BotWay software. BotWay is an open-architecture, advanced traffic management and monitoring software that controls AGVs AMRs, industrial automation devices and more. BotWay can even interface with equipment from other manufacturers.

Why Choose BotWay?

The adaptable and agile software works on any operating system and provides lightning fast set up for any size fleet. In addition to traffic control and monitoring, it also provides advanced communications, job queuing, simulation and analytics. It allows users to create path layouts, route programs, traffic constraints, cycle definitions, status monitoring, as well as triggers based on time, location status and more. For example, when PullBuddy AGV transports a load to a certain location, a trigger could be set up to to signal a fork truck driver for pick up.

Buy What You Need

Software Only

Use BotWay to seamlessly interface with legacy or new automated equipment from other manufacturers.

Software + Mobile Robots      

Use BotWay with ResGreen’s PullBuddy AGV and LilBuddy AMR to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. 

Software + Mobile Robots + Devices 

Combine all three to create a customized automated material handling system that meets your needs.

Additional Features

Customer Friendly and Focused

BotWay was designed to be extremely easy to use and can be installed in hours versus weeks. It is highly intuitive, allowing customers to make their own modifications such as adding new vehicles and setting guidepaths, speeds and triggers with a simple point-and-click. BotWay offers three levels of access for users: operator, supervisor and admin. The lightweight software works with nearly any operating system and computer without requiring a server.


BotWay keeps a running log of life cycle times, daily jobs, and individual vehicle information. BotWay can be easily modified to gain metrics on any device that is connected to the BotWay system from sensors to fork trucks to lights. Edge analytics and intelligence can filter out non-critical data. All data from BotWay can loaded into a plant or warehouse management system or exported in .csv and .xml or json file. 

Interoperability Framework

To achieve optimal interoperability, BotWay incorporates one of the widest range of communications protocols in the business. 

  • TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), which interconnects network devices on the internet
  • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), a messaging protocol that already exists on millions of electronic devices from lights to smartphones.
  • MassRobotics’ Interoperability Standard, an open-source code that enables AMRs from different vendors to work together.
  • BotTalk, our own communications package that enables BotWay to communicate with AGVs, AMRs and equipment from other manufacturers.


PullBuddy & BotWay Software

Struggling to find employees? Need to cut costs? Increase productivity? Scale more efficient and accurate operations? Improve the overall safety of your facility? Meet PullBuddy & BotWay! An Upgraded AGV System for Today's Material Handling Needs.
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With increasing labor shortages, supply chain issues and pressure to reduce costs and deliver products faster –- there has never been a better time to automate with ResGreen. Contact us for more information about how we can solve your material handling challenges.

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