LilBuddy AMR

The compact cobot that never quits

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LilBuddy autonomous mobile robot (AMR) brings automated movement to any business with its game-changing compact size and flexible natural feature guidance. With a 17”x17” base, LilBuddy is one of the smallest AMRs in the industry. The vehicle’s size and ability to rotate 360 degrees make it ideal for congested environments with narrow aisles – opening a new frontier for the industry into supermarkets, offices, restaurants and more.

Key Features

Natural Feature SLAM Guidance

LilBuddy uses natural feature SLAM guidance to move loads up to 220 pounds (100 kg.) without tape, reflectors, or tags for ultimate flexibility. LilBuddy’s natural feature guidance system uses both 2D and 3D lidars to scan its surroundings and create a map of the area where the vehicle will travel. The vehicle then compares its surroundings to the map to verify its location. The lidar system detects 60 to 120 degrees in front of and behind the vehicle – at a distance of 14 feet.

Stopping on a Dime

LilBuddy is also available in a hybrid model that incorporates both natural feature and magnetic tape guidance. The LilBuddy hybrid vehicle provides pinpoint stopping accuracy for applications, such as integrating with conveyors and charging stations. Most AMRs struggle to stop on an exact spot due to variables such as the speed and weight of the vehicle. However, with a small amount of magnetic tape or embedded bar, LilBuddy can stop on a dime. 

Increased Versatility and Collaboration

One of the main benefits of AMRs is the ability to work for and with people in their environments – whether it’s on an assembly line or in a warehouse picking system. LilBuddy can work alone or as cobot with employees to minimize walking distance, eliminate the need to push carts and improve overall efficiency. 

In addition, LilBuddy’s modular design enables it to tunnel under customized load handling frames and hitch to them through an automatic pop-up pin. The AMR uses ROS (Robot Operating System), an open-source software development, which enables easy integration with a wide variety of tools and attachments including load handling tables, racks, scissor lifts, conveyor belts, food trays robotic arms and more. 

Wireless and Opportunity Charging

LilBuddy can run 24/7 via an opportunity charging system, which allows the vehicle’s battery to charge several times quickly and conveniently at stations strategically set up along its path. Wireless battery charging is also available, which enables vehicles to power up efficiently without requiring building modifications, such as cutting into floor to install dedicated electrical lines.

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