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Autonomous Mobile Robots For Industry 4.0

Resgreen Group develops AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) for the manufacturing industry.

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Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Collaborative Robotics

Software and Systems Engineering Experts

New Emerging Technology Manufacturing Solutions

Laser Guided and Vision Guided Autonomous Vehicles

Reduce Costs, Increase Accuracy, Efficiency and Production


Business Services

Resgreen Group International is proud to offer both backend operational oversight and intellectual property services. RGGI can serve as a liaison between engineering, design, and operations management in efforts to improve efficiencies and industry compliance

Plant Engineering and Manufacturing Consulting

Reduction in labor and accurate delivery.


Streamlining Logistics and Manufacturing

Liaison between engineering, design, and operations management



Why Choose Us.

Modern enterprises need modern material handling.

Our AMR / AGV is right for you and will depend on your unique material flow needs. Payload capacity, material movement method, and size of your facility will all impact the type and size of your fleet.

What is an AMR / AGV?

An AMR / AGV is a driverless, electric autonomous robot or guided vehicle with a programming capability of path selection, destination, collision avoidance, and navigation. An AMR / AGV offers advantages in logistics by handling material flows automatically.


Mobile Robot Market

• ROI (return on investment)
• General Labor Savings
• Other Drivers: safety, reduced product damage, faster value stream, traceability, quality, *** lack of labor availability
• More and more customers feel they are ‘behind the curve’ if they are not deploying

• PILOT Options (start small→scale!!)
• Many applications are great candidates for pilots/small ‘test it out’ scenarios ( <$100k)
• Our portfolio supports these efforts
• Easier to sell, move forward, less risk, quicker to generate revenue, proof of concept


Self Driving

Collision Warning


Path Selection

Destination Selection