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PullBuddy AGV

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Next-Gen Mobile Robots and Software Solutions

BotWay Software

An adaptable and agile software that will work on a wide range of operating systems and provides lightning fast set up for any size fleet.

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PullBuddy AGV

A low-profile vehicle, less than 12″ in height that uses proven magnetic-tape guidance to move loads up to 2750 pounds (1250 kg.)

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LilBuddy AMR

Small footprint and turn in place ability makes it ideal for congested or narrow areas. Able to move loads up to 220 pounds (110 kg.) automatically in everything from plants and warehouses to supermarkets and office buildings.

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Wireless Automation Devices

Designed wireless pushbuttons, stacklights and foot pedals that feature MQTT communications protocol to easily integrate with BotWay or other interoperable software systems.

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Automation Made Easy

From reducing operating costs and product damage to improving productivity and safety, the benefits of automating your material handling system are endless. That’s why ResGreen wants to make automation as easy as possible. Our mobile robots, software and industrial devices are cost-effective, exceedingly robust and easy to install and maintain.
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Recent News

Press Release • November 16th, 2022

ResGreen Names Yvette Koutsopoulos as Chief Financial Officer

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI | November 16, 2022 | ResGreen Group (OTC PINK: RGGI) ResGreen Group International, Inc. (RGGI), a next-gen mobile robot and software solutions company, today announced the hiring of Yvette Koutsopoulos as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to direct the financial activities of ResGreen. Koutsopoulos has more than 29 years of financial experience in […]

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Press Release • November 4th, 2022

ResGreen Launches New Multi-Color, Column Indicator Lights for Industrial Use

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI | November 4, 2022 | ResGreen Group (OTC PINK: RGGI) ResGreen Group International, Inc. (RGGI), a next-gen mobile robot and software solutions company, expanded its wireless automation devices portfolio by adding single, multi-color indicator lights for manufacturing facilities and warehouses. The products can identify different situations, such as traffic stops, equipment status […]

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With increasing labor shortages, supply chain issues and pressure to reduce costs and deliver products faster –- there has never been a better time to automate with ResGreen. Contact us for more information about how we can solve your material handling challenges.

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