ResGreen Unveils New Vision System for Visual Inspection, Object Recognition, Process Control and More

October 13th, 2022

Vision System Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to Increase Productivity and Reduce Downtime

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI | October 13, 2022 | ResGreen Group International (OTC PINK: RGGI)

ResGreen Group International, Inc. (RGGI), a next-gen mobile robot and software solutions company, announced today that it developed an easy-to-integrate vision system that improves productivity, increases efficiency and reduces costly errors in everything from warehouses to factories and retail stores. The vision system is ideal for visual inspection and can determine what an object is, the number of objects, if an object is damaged, as well as the size and location of an object depending on calibration of the camera. It can also be used to identify problems in a facility such as congestion, ineffective processes and potential safety risks

“After examining a number of leading vision systems, our engineering team decided to design our own to provide the best value for customers,” said Parsh Patel, CEO at ResGreen. “Our vision system easily connects with our BotWay software, as well as third-party systems. It uses AI and deep learning to identify objects more comprehensively than non-AI approaches.”

ResGreen’s vision system combines cameras with an edge computing devices to locally capture and recognize images on the spot versus sending them to a cloud server for identification and analysis. The cameras can be mounted anywhere in a facility where vision is needed, including on ceilings, mobile robots, work stations and machines.

ResGreen’s experienced engineers follow these steps to build a customized computer vision systems for customers.

  • Obtain high-quality footage of the objects or processes being watched.
  • Weed through the customer images to get the best samples.
  • Label the hundreds or thousands of training images.
  • Modify images to simulate lighting changes that can occur and accommodate different angles.
  • Use AI to train the system on what it is seeing.
  • Deploy the system on a network.
  • Connect it to BotWay or other software systems.

Connecting a vision system to a software system, like BotWay, allows for easy integration with other equipment and machines. It also enables the data from the vision system to be used to set up triggers, such as sending an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to pick up a load that has passed inspection or notifying a fork truck driver if a pallet isn’t properly aligned.

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