Resgreen Group Brings Affordable and Effective Disinfecting Robot to Market

Online Sales of Wanda SD Begins today at

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. | November 24, 2020 | Resgreen Group (OTC PINK:RGGI)

Resgreen Group (RGGI) today launched sales of its industry-changing Wanda SD, a cost-effective robot that uses Ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights to sanitize everything from schools and offices to hotels and airplanes. The affordable Wanda SD costs $5,000 and can be purchased at with a $1,000 deposit.

“The recent pandemic has caused increased concerns about the disinfection of public spaces and how to keep students, customers and visitors safe from deadly viruses and bacteria,” said Parsh Patel, CEO of RGGI. “Wanda SD gives our customers peace of mind that their facilities are clean and safe by killing more than 99 percent of harmful pathogens.”

Wanda SD features a 42-inch tall light tower with dual UVC lamps that sanitize the air and surfaces such as desks and tables. UVC spotlights underneath the vehicle scour the floor, destroying pathogens in its path. At 253.7 nm, UVC radiation breaks down the genetic material of bacteria and viruses. The robot cleans approximately 200 square feet in just 15 minutes. Even more impressive, it can cover up to 7,200 square feet over a 12-hour period before requiring charging thanks to its lithium ion phosphate battery that provides three times the power at half the weight.

When disinfection of a room is complete, a text message is sent by the vehicle’s advanced software system. The software also keeps a running log of where and when all tasks were finished, as well as how long the UVC lights were on, for current and future verification.

The Wanda SD model is easily guided from a separate location using nearly any smart device, including smartphones or tablets. Exposure to UVC light can be dangerous to eyes and skin. To protect workers, the vehicle is equipped with two levels of perimeter monitoring via a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) and ultrasound that detect when someone enters an area being sanitized. When this occurs, the UVC lamps automatically turn off.

At just 42” tall with a 17”x17” base, Wanda SD is versatile enough to navigate through tight spaces. The base is 3D printed from environmentally friendly, biodegradable polymer material. In addition to disinfection, Wanda SD can transport more than 200 pounds of packages and mail.

“Our experienced team of engineers, designers and manufacturing experts have built the most robust, reliable and cost-effective robot for protecting the public against dangerous germs,” said Patel. “Wanda SD is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. from U.S.-made components to  reduce costs for our customers and make delivery of replacement parts quicker and easier.”

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